Zubio isn't just a convenient, comfortable  and reliable chair massage studio in Crocker Galleria. Zubio is also the latest manifestation of our mission to educate the world about the critical role that human touch plays in the development and maintenance of "sensational" human beings. The Zubio Annex is our 24/7 virtual customer resource center for education, inspiration, connection and celebration of all things Zubio.

The Zubio Annex is geared more toward current customers than our main website, which is the first face we show the world, but is very difficult to update. Z-Annex is based on the Wiki model of websites and allows us to create and update pages on the fly as well as encouraging customer feedback through a "Comments" area at the bottom of many pages.

The Z-Annex will grow in a very practical way. As we identify information and functions to serve you better, we will create a new page or section. The pages linked below are ones we currently have up and running. Explore and then tell us in our TouchBack section what is of most interest to you or you would like us to address.

Discounts and Promotions

With a little bit of planning, you will never have to pay retail again.

Weekly Newsletter

Each week we send an email with links to the latest promotions, events, and wellness resources to be found on Z-Annex. If you would like to receive our weekly email or update your email preferences go to this page.

Zubio Calendar

This is your central source for information about all Zubio events, classes and hours of operation.

Resources for Integral Health

Descriptions of classes and events listed in the Calendar will be found here  along with other educational resources to create and maintain an integral lifestyle.

Zubio Blog

Want to look under the hood and see how Zubio works when no one is looking? Read about our trials, tribulations, and passion for chair massage.


This is where you get to ask for or tell us anything you want.