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Terms and Conditions

To finalize a Zubio Club membership, this form must be filled in by a Zubio staff person and signed by the new member at the Zubio Studio and be accompanied by the Zubio Club Member Application form.

Membership Levels

  • Z-Club Basic:          40-minutes/month  ($55 monthly or $155 quarterly)
  • Z-Club Enhanced:  60-minutes/month  ($75 monthly or $210 quarterly )

Terms and Conditions

             * You agree to become a Zubio Club member for an initial 3-month period.
                        Z-Club Basic Membership: 40-Min./Month
                                 Monthly ($55)  Quarterly ($155) [Add’l Min. Price - $1.30/min.]
                        Z-Club Enhanced Membership: 60-Min./Month
                                 Monthly ($75)  Quarterly ($210) [Add’l Min. Price - $1.20/min.]
* This rate is guaranteed for a full twelve months from the enrollment date below.
* After an initial three-month commitment, your membership continues month-to-
                  month. If you cancel, your membership will terminate at the next “billing day”, no future                          months will be billed. Plus, any remaining minutes in your account at the termination
                  day will be converted to a Zubio Gift Card equal to the dollar value of those minutes at
                  your member rate.

              * Each billing cycle begins on the monthly or quarterly anniversary day of your
                 enrollment. Your “billing day” is the day-of-month of your enrollment date (1 to 31).

              * At the beginning of each billing cycle, three actions will occur:
                                1. The unused minutes in your account will rollover to a maximum of 3
                                    months worth of member plan minutes 120 for basic, 180 for enhanced
                                    or four months for Quarterly paying customers 160 for basic, 240 for
                                    enhanced. The rollover maximum includes any bonus minutes that you
                                    have accrued.

                                2.  Zubio will add your monthly allocation of new minutes specified in the
                                    plan checked above to your account up to the rollover maximum limit.

                                3.  Zubio will charge the amount specified in the plan checked above to the
                                    credit card specified in your current account information.

               * You may use your minutes in any Zubio Studio location for any massages currently on
                  the Zubio menu.

               * If your member account balance is zero minutes, additional massage minutes
                 purchased for yourself will be charged the additional per minute rate specified in the
                 plan checked above.

               * Upon notification, Zubio will suspend your membership for a one month period up to
                  two times each year. During the suspension period your unused minutes will remain in
                  your account but you will not be billed and no further minutes will be added to your

                * After the initial three-month commitment, Z-Club members may transfer the cash
                  value of any excess minutes (any amount beyond one month's membership
                  allocation) to a Zubio Gift Card to share with a friend. The conversion rate will be
                  based on the value of those minutes at your member rate.

                * I understand that I am also entitled to any additional benefits detailed on the Zubio
                  Annex website (public.zubio.com).
I have read and agreed to the policies above.

Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: __________________