Zubio Club


The Zubio Club is where we create our deepest ongoing relationships with customers who understand the important role that Zubio Massage plays in creating a foundation of fitness in their lives. A Zubio Club membership is truly your most affordable health insurance option.

Membership Categories

There are two levels of Z-Club membership:
  • Basic: 40 minutes of Zubio massage per month prepaid for $55
  • Enhanced: 60 minutes of Zubio massage per month prepaid for $75
You can also prepay quarterly and save an additional 5%. Here is a chart detailing the exact savings membership brings over our walk-in rates.

  Monthly Quarterly Monthly Quarterly
Prepaid Minutes/Month 0 40 60
Prepaid Fee 0 $55
 $155 $75
Price/Prepaid Minute
$1.50 $1.375
 $1.29 $1.25
Prepaid Minute Savings
0% 9.3%
 13.9% 16.6%
Price for Additional Minutes
(beyond prepaid monthly)
$1.50 $1.30 $1.20
Additional Minutes Savings 0.00% 13.3% 20%

Bonus Minutes

In addition, all Z-Club members get these exclusive bonus minutes:

Loyalty Bonus
Every six months Zubio will automatically add either 20 minutes (Basic) or 30 minutes (Enhanced) of massage to your Z-Club account. That amounts to an extra month's worth of membership minutes each year for free.

Birthday Bonus
Each year, you are entitled to a 20-minute Zubio massage for free anytime during your birthday week (Monday-Saturday). When you become a Z-Club member, if you have given us your month/day of birth, we will even send you a reminder the week before your birthday.

Zubio Club Referral Bonus
When a new customer brings in a 50% off referral card with your name on it, you get 5 minutes added to your Z-Club account. If they later become a Zubio Club member, you will receive an additional 10 minutes for a total of 15 bonus minutes. Ask at the front desk for referral cards to pass out at work.

Standard Discounts and Promotions Bonus Minutes
Z-Club members are also always entitled to bonus minutes linked to the standard discounts and promotions available to all Zubio customers. With a little time and effort, you can accumulate as many bonus minutes as you like.

Benefits of Z-Club Membership

Saving you money is only the first goal of our membership program. We also want getting a Zubio massage to be as convenient and stress-free as possible. Here are some additional benefits of Z-Club membership.
  • Express Online Booking: The most time consuming part of booking online is having to answer the screening questions and filling in your credit card information each time on the check out screen. Z-Club members can always bypass this step by clicking the Express Checkout button after they select an appointment time on our website. 
  • Express Walk-in Booking: Likewise, Z-Club members can bypass the TouchScreen booking process at the Zubio Studio by simply identifying themselves to the person behind the front desk.
  • Roll Over Minutes: If you are not able to use up all of your minutes in a particular month because of travel or unexpected activity, any unused minutes in your account (including bonus minutes) will roll over up to a maximum of three months worth of minutes (that's 120-minutes for Basic members and 180-minutes for Enhanced members).
  • Automatic Payment for all your massage: Once you have securely stored your billing information with Trust Commerce, our credit card processor, your monthly payments are processed automatically. Plus, all of the extra minutes you purchase that month and any tips you have added to your receipts, will be billed directly to your credit card. No cash, no credit cards, no problem. Zubio Club members are always good to go.
  • Membership Hold: If you plan on being away from San Francisco for business or holiday travel for more than a month, just let us know and we will suspend your membership in one month increments up to two times each year.
  • Cancel Anytime: After an initial three month commitment, your membership continues month-to-month. If you cancel, your membership will terminate at the end of the current billing cycle, no future months will be billed. Plus, any remaining minutes in your account at the end of the current billing cycle will be converted to a Zubio Gift Card equal to the value of the member rate minutes, so you never lose a dime.
  • Gift Card Conversion: After the initial three month commitment, Z-Club members may transfer excess minutes (any amount beyond one month's membership allocation) to a gift card to share with a friend. The conversion rate will be based on the value of the member rate minutes.

Z-Club Sign-Up Bonus: $15 or $30 Gift Card Through October 31st

Finally, as a special incentive, become a Z-Club member by this Saturday and receive a $15 Gift Card for a Basic membership or $30 Gift Card for the Enhanced level. Click below to fill out the online application now.

Member Application Form

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View the Terms and Conditions of Zubio membership here.