Limerick Winners

posted May 19, 2009, 9:10 AM by David Palmer   [ updated May 19, 2009, 2:42 PM ]
And the winning limerick is...
Six people responded to our limerick contest last week. The instructions were to write a limerick that used the words "Zubio" and "Massage."

The five runner's up all get a free 10-minute massage coupon. The winner, Vicky Balanov, managed to squeeze in both words and, if you ignore the "has" in the second line, the limerick scans just fine. Congratulations, Vicki! Here is the poem that won her 30-minutes of Zubio Massage:

Today on the 12th day of May
Zubio massage has made my day
They said just for me
10 minutes for free
And all of my knots went away.

And here are the other limericks:

There were three poems submitted that tried to rhyme "Zubio."
We loved this one for the obscure references.

Monastic gals live near Subiaco*
Trapped traveling the river Rubico**
Desiring a massage
They lay down a barrage
To escape and relax at Zubio.

* nunery in Italy
** river in Italy

-Kathleen Romero

This one adhered best to the limerick form
and we loved the rhyme touch/mush.
But Sue, you forgot to include "massage!"
Zubio is a shop that is mythical!
Folks trudge there, all alone feeling pitiful!
Then with strong, healing touch
Tension turns into mush
and the clients go home bright and beautiful!

-Sue Rowley

This was Rimma's first visit to Zubio.
Her poem captures the motivation perfectly.
My friend asked me what do I need
I said a quick massage indeed
She told me to go
Straight to Zubio
I ran there with lightening speed

-Rimma Boshernitsan

Another example of creative rhyming.
Good going, Lori!
Off to Zubio for a massage
To get this crook in my neck dislodged
Don't pull my hair...
Oh, Yes...right there!
To Zubio a round of applause

-Lori Herrera

Kari's was a day late, but she gets a free
massage for stylistic and cultural diversity.
Live healthy and well and go to Zubio
Otherwise you may not feel so coolio,
Get a ten minute massage
And you'll stay out of triage,
And let the Zubio staff make you cheerio!

-Kari Mayo

And, from our own Carlin, who managed
to write this in her head while getting an
acupuncture treatment definitively demonstrating
how stimulating the acupressure points gets the
creative juices flowing.
I got a massage down at Zubio
And when it was done I was good to go
back to my cubicle
to work that is crucial
Without turning into C3PO

-Carlin Holden

And finally, here is my modest contribution...
There once was a lass who heard Zubio
Could relieve her distress in a jiffy, so
She tied back her hair
And then sat in their chair
For a happy ending without a Lothario.

-David Palmer