Moon Stories

David Palmer's Story:
I was 20 years old in 1969 and had just moved to Chicago to begin my two years of service as a Contentious Objector during the Vietnam war. I had dropped out of college, gotten kicked out of my parent's house, and had just figured out that my life was my own responsibility. For me the Apollo 11 mission was a positive bookend to a very difficult decade filled with memorable negatives, beginning with the Kennedy assassination and the loss of American innocence. I admit to having had some ambivalent feelings about spending vast amounts of time and resources on space exploration when so much needed to be done here on earth. However, I believe that both feeding our innate curiosity and advancing the technium are not optional and the Lunar program advanced both in non-partisan spades. The world too often unites in tragedy and not often enough in celebration. I was filled with exhuhberance when I heard the words, "The Eagle had landed." It was a great way to end the sixties.

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