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Because our focus is prevention, not treatment, we believe that Zubio is the most affordable health insurance on the market, bar none. As little as ten-minutes of massage a week can help you sleep better, balance your digestive track, bolster your immune system, and minimize any condition affected by stress from headaches to herpes to high blood pressure to heart disease.

To help you budget this healthy habit, Zubio has a number of stress-free ways to get discounted Zubio massage.

Z-Club: Never pay retail again

The easiest way to ensure you always get a discount is to sign up for a Zubio Club membership and get between 8 and 20% off the menu price of every massage.

There are two levels of Z-Club membership:
  • Basic: 40 minutes of Zubio massage per month prepaid for $55
  • Enhanced: 60 minutes of Zubio massage per month prepaid for $75
You can also prepay quarterly and save an additional 5%. Here is a chart detailing the exact savings membership brings over our walk-in rates.

  Monthly Quarterly Monthly Quarterly
Prepaid Minutes/Month 0 40 60
Prepaid Fee 0 $55
 $155 $75
Price/Prepaid Minute
$1.50 $1.375
 $1.29 $1.25
Prepaid Minute Savings
0% 9.3%
 13.9% 16.6%
Price for Additional Minutes
(beyond prepaid monthly)
$1.50 $1.30 $1.20
Additional Minutes Savings 0.00% 13.3% 20%

In addition, all Z-Club members get these exclusive bonus minutes:

Loyalty Bonus
Every six months Zubio will automatically add either 20 minutes (Basic) or 30 minutes (Enhanced) of massage to your Z-Club account. Over the course of a year that gives you an extra month's worth of membership minutes for free.

Birthday Bonus
Each year, you are entitled to a 20-minute Zubio massage for free anytime during your birthday week (Monday-Saturday). When you become a Z-Club member, if you have given us your month/day of birth, we will even send you a reminder the week before your birthday.

Zubio Club Referral Bonus
When a new customer brings in a 50% off referral card with your name on it, you get 5 minutes added to your Z-Club account. If they later become a Zubio Club member, you will receive an additional 10 minutes for a total of 15 bonus minutes. Ask at the front desk for referral cards to pass out at work.

Not enough savings for you?  Zubio Club members are also eligible for all of the ongoing discounts in the next section. (And discounts are only the beginning, click here to view the other special ways we take care of Z-Club members)

Ongoing Discounts and Promotions for all Zubio Customers

After you become a Zubio customer, we want to see you again.  Even if you are not a Zubio Club member, with a little flexibility and effort you can still get a discount every time you visit Zubio. Please note that these discounts are not combinable with each other and you can only apply one discount at each visit.

Daily AM/PM 10% Discount Hours
Whenever you can book any massage with a weekday start time from 10am until 11:30am or 2pm until 4pm, you are eligible for a 10% discount off the menu price of your massage. Z-Club members will get a 10% bonus minutes added to their account. (Please note: This discount is not automatic. To receive this discount, you must request the "AM/PM Discount".)

Bring a friend and save 50%
Introduce a friend to the Zubio Massage experience and we will give you two 20-minute massages for the price of one. Your friend must accompany you and be a first-time Zubio customer. If you are a Z-Club member, you will receive 10 bonus minutes added to your account and your friend will be charged $15. (Please note: This discount is not automatic. To receive this discount, you must request the "Bring a Friend Discount".)

Help us out and save 20%
Zubio occasionally requests feedback about our current services or changes we are considering through our Weekly Newsletter or individual emails. Sometimes we ask you to contribute your creativity to a project we may be working on. Generally these surveys take only a few minutes and come with a "thank you" 20% discount/bonus coupon toward your next massage.

Learn how to get the most out of a Zubio massage and get 50% off your next massage
Every Zubio massage is like a highly refined piece of classical music. And, like music, the more you know about it's history, construction, and theoretical foundation, the more you get out of the experience. Attend our 60-minute Zubio Basics seminar and we will give you a 50% discount/bonus coupon good for your next 10- or 20-minute Zubio massage. Check our Z-Calendar for the next scheduled seminar.

Good Neighbor Discount

Employees who work in one of the Crocker Galleria retail stores or restaurants, or for one of the Thursday Farmers Market vendors, will receive a 20% discount off the price of any massage on our menu. Just tell us where you work when you check in for your massage. This may not be combined with any other discount or promotion and does not apply to Zubio Club members.

Time Limited Promotions

Zubio also offers time-limited promotions that generally last for a week or a month and are listed below. Notification of these promotions is emailed to customers who receive our weekly newsletter.

Until further notice: Early Birds get 20% Off

Zubio has doubled our early morning weekday discount to 20% (or 20% bonus minutes for Z-Club members). Any appointment for any massage on our menu with a start time from 10am until 11:30am earns the double discount. (Please note: This discount is not automatic. To receive this discount, you must request the "AM/PM Discount" at check-in.) 

And don't forget, our mid-afternoon rates (2-4pm) are still discounted 10%.

Plan your holiday party now and save 20%

Zubio To Go adds a unique and welcome addition to your holiday gatherings. We offer the same high quality massage services you find in our Studio and when you reserve now you will get a 20% discount off all Zubio holiday event services. Our excess capacity for on-site services is limited, so reserve now and save.

More about Zubio To Go at events

The Fine Print

If a promotion is on this web page when you get your massage, we will honor the terms of that promotion as listed here. However, please note that all promotions are subject to change without notice. That's because sometimes we make mistakes (it happens...) and leave out an important piece of information that could put us in the poor house.

If something is not clear about a promotion, please drop us a note ( or give us a call (415-961-4746). Thanks.