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New Wiki Site for Natural Remedies

posted Sep 11, 2008, 10:10 AM by David Palmer   [ updated Sep 11, 2008, 12:23 PM ]
Today the SF Chronicle reported on a new website that attempts to assemble all of the folk wisdom about natural remedies in a self-regulating Wiki at  www.mamaherb.com. I predict that this site will grow like wildfire and become, in short order, a breakout Web 2.0 success story. Begun in January, it already has 8,450 treatments listed for 512 existing conditions.

People are already enumerating treatments used by healers in obscure corners of the world, villages in India, Africa, China. You can expect that the pharmaceutical companies will be scouring this site looking for  that one obscure herb that they can synthesize into the next blockbuster treatment for clogged arteries.

Of interest are the 136 hits that you get when you enter the search term "massage" on the website. Even though the site is more focused on herbal treatments, it turns out that massage is an essential application medium for many of the treatments. This has always fascinated me because it raises the question of how much the application method (massage) has to do with the treatment outcome.