2009.10.21 Newsletter

Z-Blog Post of the Week

Bonjour mes amis,
I am sitting on the edge of a beautiful lake in the middle of Quebec Province gazing into the distance at a long white sandbar that extends about halfway across the mile-wide expanse. Except, of course, there is no such thing as a white sandbar in a lake in Quebec...

Until further notice: Early Birds get 20% Off

Zubio has doubled our early morning weekday discount to 20% (or 20% bonus minutes for Z-Club members). Any appointment for any massage on our menu with a start time from 10am until 11:30am earns the double discount. (Please note: This discount is not automatic. To receive this discount, you must request the "AM/PM Discount" at check-in.) And don't forget, our mid-afternoon rates (2-4pm) are still discounted 10%.

Z-Club Sign-Up Bonus Extended - Free $15/$30 Gift Card

If you already get (or think you would benefit from) at least 40-minutes of Zubio massage every month, you can save up to 20% off every Zubio massage by becoming a Zubio Club member today. Plus, Z-Club members get a host of exclusive benefits including loyalty bonus minutes and free massages.

Become a Z-Club member during October and receive a $15 Gift Card for a Basic membership or $30 Gift Card for the Enhanced level. Just enter the Promotion Code: "October Bonus" in the box at the end of the online sign-up form.

Click here to find out why you never have to pay retail again

Plan your holiday party now and save 20%

Zubio To Go adds a unique and welcome addition to your holiday gatherings. We offer the same high quality massage services you find in our Studio and when you reserve now you will get a 20% discount off all Zubio holiday event services. Our excess capacity for on-site services is limited, so reserve now and save.

More about Zubio To Go at events