October 12, 2009

Double Discount for Eagle-Eyed Early Birds

If you have an Eagle-Eye for discounts, you'll want to swoop down on this one. This week Zubio is doubling our early morning weekday discount to 20% (or 20% bonus minutes for Z-Club members). Any appointment for any massage on our menu with a start time from 10am until 11:30am earns the double discount through October 16th. (Please note: This discount is not automatic. To receive this discount, you must request the "AM/PM Discount" at check-in.)

Get a 50% Off Coupon and Double your Zubio Massage experience

Spend an hour tonight (from 6-7pm) in our Zubio Basics Seminar to learn how to get the most out of every Zubio massage plus score a discount coupon for 50% off your next 10- or 20-minute massage (50% bonus coupon for Z-Club members).

Every Zubio massage is like a highly refined piece of classical music. While you don't have to do anything for it to work its magic, a bit of knowledge about it's history, construction, and theoretical foundation, along with some practical tips about how to be a good receiver will raise the experience to a whole new level.

Space is limited, so register now for Monday, October 12th. The seminar will be taught by Zubio Studio founder, David Palmer.

Register now

Z-Club Sign-Up Bonus Extended - Free $15/$30 Gift Card

If you already get (or think you would benefit from) at least 40-minutes of Zubio massage every month, you can save up to 20% off every Zubio massage by becoming a Zubio Club member today. Plus, Z-Club members get a host of exclusive benefits including loyalty bonus minutes and free massages.

Become a Z-Club member during October and receive a $15 Gift Card for a Basic membership or $30 Gift Card for the Enhanced level. Just enter the Promotion Code: "October Bonus" in the box at the end of the online sign-up form.

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