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4 Hours of Stress-Free Saturday Parking

ImageIf you come downtown on Saturdays, you know what a hassle and expense parking can be.

However, if you include a Zubio massage in your shopping expedition, we can get you four hours of free parking at the Crocker Galleria underground garage (entrance on Sutter Street).

Just ask your Zubio Specialist for a validation sticker at the time of your Saturday massage. Current Saturday hours are located on the booking page.

Zubio Seminars

At Zubio, we believe that the best customer is an educated customer. The more you know about our our "integral fitness" approach to our work. Let's start with the basics.

Zubio Basics

Spend an hour next Monday (from 6-7pm) in our Zubio Basics seminar to learn how to get the most out of every Zubio massage and score a discount coupon for 50% off your next 10- or 20-minute massage (10-minute bonus for Z-Club members).

Every Zubio massage is like a highly refined piece of classical music. While you don't have to do anything for it to work its magic, a bit of knowledge about it's history, construction, and theoretical foundation, along with some practical tips about how to be a good receiver will raise the experience to a whole new level.

Space is limited, so register now for next Monday, October 12th. The seminar will be taught by Zubio Studio founder, David Palmer.